Cameron Boyce & Peyton List & Karan Brar

hi! This blog is dedicated to Cameron Boyce, Peyton List and Karan Brar. Feel free to ask anything... have a nice day! ♥
+I'm not the real Peyton or Cameron or Karan I'm just a huge fan!
Anonymous asked: Ok I know you get sick of people aaking this but why do people keep asking u do they go out. And people say they do but I know its theory cause on time they aaid he was going with china anne Mcclain and madison pettie but are they truly going out or on forgive me for asking just wanna know


I think he’s not dating anyone… (and I’m 80% sure) ;)

Peyton on ‘Muppets most wanted’ movie premiere. She was gorgerous.♥

Anonymous asked: but with peyton list is cameron boyce?


They are friends and co-workers and they are NOT dating. And they made a vine together. Anything else?

Anonymous asked: that peyton and cameron are coming


if you mean that they are dating you’re wrong… they are friends and co-workers and if she wrote ‘baby’ that doesn’t mean that she meant cameron or any other specific person… :) or whatever…

Anonymous asked: Ohh baby it's raining significa en español ohh cariño llueve si no me crees ponlo en el traductor


I still don’t get what has spanish translate of ‘Ohh baby it’s raining’ to do with Peyton…? +I put your message to translate because I don’t speak spanish. :) 

Anonymous asked: peyton list and cameron boyce if you are coming because a girl posted a photo today it was raining in Los Angeles and came out "oh baby it's raining" if you do not believe me put intagram of peyton list and where it exits labeled it i look


okay, I’m sorry but I don’t really understand what are you trying to ask…?

Peyton List posted a vine 18 hours ago (it’s on her vine profile: Peyton List) where she was on Jessie set with Cameron Boyce. She said:” It’s raining on the Jessie set! We did not dress for this.” and Cameron said:” I don’t know what… is… going on…” and they were looking through the window. She wrote: ‘Ohh baby it’s raining’ under the video. and there’s nothing to do with instagram…?

Anonymous asked: Peyton list is dating kraran??


NO! Peyton is not dating Karan! And I think she is actually single so stop with that questions please.

Anonymous asked: as you can do to make it speak to you? and to follow you on twitter?


Well there are some ways how you can get notice by them:

1. FOLLOW SPREE (twitter): Peyton (also Karan) does a follow spree once in a while, which means that you tweet her or retweet her tweet and she might follow you. And I can’t do nothing about that because she never tweeted or follow me (just Karan and Debby tweeted me but that doesn’t help much)

2. Q&A (twitter): Karan also does the ‘Question&Answer’ (also known as Q&A or #AskKaran) where you send a tweet with your question for him and tag #AskKaran and he might answer your question (he did the last Q&A on 8th Feb 2014).

3. MEET&GREET: They can speak to you in person if you meet them (usually on Meet&Greet or maybe just on street). You can also go to Jessie live tapping but I don’t know much about that.

4.FAN LETTER: You can also send the fan letter to any of them (I answered question about that before so just scroll through my posts if you wanna know more about that).

5. PHONE CALL: you can call them but only if you have their phone number (I don’t have it).

6. DM (instagram&twitter): They all have instagram accounts (Cameron: xmob_bboytruth , Karan: thekaranbrar , Peyton: peypeylist) so you can send them a direct message. You can also send them dm on twitter but they must follow you first.

You can also just tweet them some interesting tweets and they might notice you!
That’s all I know and I hope I answered your question:)
Good Luck! :D

Only 100 days left ‘till he turns 15! They grow up so fast :”)

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