Cameron Boyce & Peyton List & Karan Brar

hi! This blog is dedicated to Cameron Boyce, Peyton List and Karan Brar. Feel free to ask anything... have a nice day! ♥
+I'm not the real Peyton or Cameron or Karan I'm just a huge fan!
Anonymous asked: Do you know where peyton lives? I mean the state por city


She lives in Los Angeles, California. I think.

Anonymous asked: What did u do that was so bad


and what did I do? 

Anonymous asked: Hi my name is lara and im a big your fan.i can from croatia. I love you.


Hi! well I’m Ana and I’m from Slovenia so that’s kinda near you:) 

Anonymous asked: Ok I know you get sick of people aaking this but why do people keep asking u do they go out. And people say they do but I know its theory cause on time they aaid he was going with china anne Mcclain and madison pettie but are they truly going out or on forgive me for asking just wanna know


I think he’s not dating anyone… (and I’m 80% sure) ;)

Peyton on ‘Muppets most wanted’ movie premiere. She was gorgerous.♥

Anonymous asked: but with peyton list is cameron boyce?


They are friends and co-workers and they are NOT dating. And they made a vine together. Anything else?

Anonymous asked: that peyton and cameron are coming


if you mean that they are dating you’re wrong… they are friends and co-workers and if she wrote ‘baby’ that doesn’t mean that she meant cameron or any other specific person… :) or whatever…

Anonymous asked: Ohh baby it's raining significa en español ohh cariño llueve si no me crees ponlo en el traductor


I still don’t get what has spanish translate of ‘Ohh baby it’s raining’ to do with Peyton…? +I put your message to translate because I don’t speak spanish. :) 

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